Underpass Skatepark

Lower River St @ Trolley Cres., Toronto

Weekends, April 3 - May 9, 2021

$180/six week session

Financial barrier? SCHOLARSHIPS are available!

AGES 6-14

Skateboarding is Fun!

​Impact lesson programs are for all skill levels—brand new beginner to advanced. The 45-minute class teaches kids from whatever level they’re currently at, using a systematic approach that encourages and supports participants to reach their goals, and to set new ones.

Regardless of skill level, Impact shows skaters how to develop and improve their abilities in a safe, supportive environment, with caring, skilled instructors. We also take some time during each lesson to talk about social interaction, community, role-modelling, and how the process of achieving skate goals can be applied to all other areas in life.

Levelling Up


Our Level System helps participants to track their progress and motivates them to work through their list of skate skills, in order to move to the next level. Due to the highly individualized nature of skateboarding, kids will require one-on-one attention. 


Everyone learns differently and at their own pace, but a lot of progress can be made with a little bit of practice! Over the course of the session, every participant will receive individual coaching and practice time.

How do I know my skill level?


Beginner: new to skateboarding, or otherwise casual skaters with some riding skills. This lesson will teach the basics—parts of the skateboard, safety & etiquette, foot positions, riding, turning, going up & down ramps, how to fall, and learning basic tricks.


Intermediate: comfortable with pushing, turning, manuals, and starting ollies. Here we will be working on ride-offs, riding switch, improving ollies, and introducing new tricks.


Advanced: avid skaters who can ride comfortably, and have already locked down kickturns, ride-offs, and ollies. In this class, we will be working on more advanced tricks, combining them, and getting more creative with the different elements of the skatepark.


Still not sure which class to enroll in? Check here!

No equipment? No problem!

If you do not yet have equipment, you are more than welcome to borrow ours for the lesson! We strongly advise against buying skateboards from department stores. A proper skateboard typically costs a more than something you might find at Walmart, so before spending $100+ at a skateboard shop, feel free to use our gear. See our Parent FAQ for more information about what to buy, and when.


Since we are unsure about what the COVID protocols will be in the spring, we ask that you pre-register to the program. This is to avoid over-filling the program and having to de-enroll people at the last minute; participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

We understand that this is less than ideal. We will update this page, and do our best to ensure that anyone who pre-registers after the 20-person limit will be immediately notified that they are on the waitlist.

Unfortunately, government and public health guidelines can change without much notice. The best we can do is keep everyone posted as soon as possible. Before applying, please read our COVID statement to ensure that this program is right for your child. 

UPDATE: All sessions have filled to capacity. Please fill the form below to be added to the waitlist.

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photography by Rebecca Tisdelle-Macias