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Skate Pizz(azz) Zine

Biggest thanks ever to @skatepizzazz for supporting Impact AND using their voice to champion inclusivity and representation in skateboarding! We’re honored to be featured in this project, and so grateful for the proceeds donated to Impact! Can’t thank the Skate (Pizza)zz team enough!

From Skate Pizz(azz): “RESKATE: A Contemporary Skate Manual,” on the representational gap between skateboarding video games and today’s skate scene, had a successful run at Bit Bazaar x Toronto Tech Zine Fair, with all proceeds on the zine and Skate (Pizza)zz merch going to youth skateboard organizations!

I had such a great time talking about how wonderful the Toronto skateboarding community is and how great the sport is for community building to those who’ve never skated, those interested, those who tried, those who used to, and those who do 🛹!


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