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Virtual Youth Council

This is a tough time for pretty much everyone. There’s already been so much disruption with schools in Ontario, and aside from the interruption in education, the social strain of quarantine can be especially challenging for adolescents. It’s awesome to see that youth-focused skate orgs (@skatelife.toronto, @thebay_, @thegoodpush) are contributing to engage young people and serve them in alternatives to face-to-face settings.

So glad we could meet virtually with the Youth Council today! Great to hear how everyone is spending their time, and how they’re dealing with some of the challenges of the lockdown.

Happy that everyone has been managing to stay healthy and positive, but it was a good reminder that we’re all here for each other. I was especially impressed by the discussion about using this time as an opportunity for self-reflection, and unpacking our behavior and motivations.

Grateful to know such an amazing crew of young people who make this community so special. Thank you all for joining the meeting! And as always, if you are ever struggling or just need someone to talk to, we’re here for you (all of you)!


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