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Moving Out of the Comfort Zone

“They challenge kids to move out of their comfort zone and try new things.  My daughter loves it!”  Jen A. B.

Giving Back to the Community

"Such a great organization! Yash and team have created an amazing positive space for kids to learn and practice skateboarding - plus they’re continually finding ways to give back to the community! Definitely check them out!" Carolyn R.


Impact is about creating community, and helping kids to achieve—both on and off the board. Skateboarding naturally enhances self-esteem, and our unique programming is designed to maximize the positive outcomes.


Through education, community-building, and stewardship, we help our participants enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health.

From parents

Winter Exercise

“My son is learning so many new skills and gets exercise in the winter months when he can’t safely skate outside.”  Heather W.

Terrific Role Models

"[Impact has] the best technique for teaching kids how to skateboard. I also love how they teach skate park etiquette, and life lessons in a safe friendly group environment. Yash and Rylan always lead by example, and are terrific role models for my kids!" Carmina S.

Improved Confidence

"My son was so nervous at first with not much confidence but wanted to try! We were SO happy that we took him! By the end of the first lesson he was smiling and showing off and had all of the confidence in the world. It was great to see. [The Impact] team are so patient and just all around awesome!" Chantelle S.

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