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​An Individual Team Sport


Skateboarding a physical activity that is equal parts art and sport, which benefits far more than just physical health. It requires resilience, determination, and creativity, without the limits of competition.


Skaters thrive while learning in a welcoming environment, with support from an inclusive community of peers. One of the reasons skateboarding attracts such a wide variety of temperaments​ is because of its uncommon structure. It is artistic—with infinite varieties of styles and endless possibilities—while it demands a unique brand of athleticism.




Our programs are for everyone. We do all we can to eliminate any barriers to participation, and strive to accommodate each participant’s unique needs. Shy, reserved children are encouraged to work at their own pace, and develop their own personal style. Extroverted kids are directed to channel their focused energy on taking each step as it comes, and progressing in a way that builds confidence and self-esteem.


Parents of children who are typically resistant and unmotivated to participate in activities, camps, and sports are often pleasantly surprised at their child’s enthusiasm for Impact programs. That's because skateboarding is challenging, engaging, and fun, with the added benefit of instructors who truly care for the wellbeing of every single participant.


In an effort to increase accessibility, Impact provides scholarships to families facing financial difficulties. If the cost of programs are a barrier, we will offer partial or full subsidies to those in need. We will also provide skateboards and safety gear to participants who are committed to pursuing skateboarding outside of Impact programs. The skate community is known for taking care of each other—this is one small way we give back, and encourage others to do the same. Talk to us.



There are no rules, no fields, no regulations, no winning or losing—skateboarding is a specialized skill that allows for free expression and never-ending creativity. Whether one wants to be a casual cruiser or a technical wizard, skateboarding’s form is only bound by our imagination. We’ve seen how transformative it can be in the life of an individual, and how that energy is harnessed when like-minded skaters work together toward a common goal. It’s our honor and privilege to share that with you!



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