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Skate Bud

Beyond stoked for this new book—Welcome to Skateboarding—from our good buds at Skate Bud!

What we love about Stoke Much is the same thing we love about skateboarding: it’s for everyone. In the past, the entry point for skating has not always been inclusive. There has been a mentality of “go hard or get lost”.

That attitude has its place—skating takes courage and perseverance—but just as social consciousness evolves, we as skaters should welcome and encourage others to experience the same joy that skateboarding has given us.

This book covers everything you need to know to start skating. Learn about the history, the parts, the tricks, the lingo, and how to not be a kook! This book is written by skaters, for every skater and aspiring skater in your life.


And as a bonus, Yash has co-authored the section on skatepark conduct and etiquette! 👀

Go here to learn more and pick up a copy!

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