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Skate For Change is a nonprofit organization founded by Mike Smith in 2010 with a simple core belief:



While studying social work in college, and experiencing the hardships of people facing homelessness in Omaha, NE, Mike decided to gather a group of friends, take to the streets, and help out however they could. They put together bags of everything from socks to soap to food, skating through the city, meeting, talking, and handing out supplies to the people experiencing homelessness.

That small group grew larger and larger, with the initiative eventually coming to include chapters of Skate for Change all over the world. Impact is proud to lead the Toronto chapter, using our community and our platform to serve those in need.

Read about our trip to Nebraska here!

Donations of socks, snacks, clothing, and supplies are collected at our free events and from partnering organizations, and then distributed by a crew of volunteers. 


This isn’t about giving “stuff”—it’s about sharing smiles, engaging, developing relationships, and affirming dignity. There are no prerequisites for showing kindness and decency to people.


Impact is so appreciative of the kids, families, volunteers, and supporters who help us make these outreach initiatives so successful—we couldn't do this without you all!

To find out more or to contribute to our next outing, get in touch with us!

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