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skate&create: Graffiti Art

Such a rad skate&create workshop this afternoon with a rad group of kids! We were joined by @lost.lens who put on an amazing lesson, teaching the basics of lettering, and how to expand that to more complex designs.

Our focus with this workshop was to de-stigmatize graffiti, while stressing the difference between street art and vandalism. We call skateboarding an art because it’s a mode of expression and an aesthetic discipline—graffiti should be approached the same way.

The kids practiced their designs on paper several times, and were excited to try out spray painting the canvas! We got a lot of them on skateboards for the first time, while more experienced participants worked on new tricks and helped their friends!

Always so cool to see how they apply the things we learn and use their knowledge to support others. Thanks to everyone who came out and made today awesome, especially and @scarlett256. Also a big thanks to @kalen.d.c @gnarly_kiddo and @jennyteksen for helping out!


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