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A Gift for Daphne

You might remember Daphne from our Youth-Led Art Workshop back in September, where she showed a group of about 30 kids and adults her technique for making amazing griptape art!

We were so proud of her, and decided to pass along a (very limited edition) Impact deck to go with her fresh grip! Still feeling so grateful for her and Avnee, who hosted our Tie Dye Workshop in the summer! Giving these kids the opportunity to lead has been so rewarding for us and all the participants! We are all about empowering young people, and when they feel cared for and supported, they empower others.

Thanks again, Daphne, Avnee, @robertjohnpaterson, @therealwolfgriptape, @shahfamilyskates, @wildurchinsphotography, and everyone else who attended and made the workshop events possible!

Because of all of you, we have gathered a ton of donations of socks, personal care supplies, clothing, snacks, water bottles, and more for our upcoming @skateforchange outreach!


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