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Above the Noise (shared)

This is disturbing, but needs to be shared. Some people aren’t quite able to wrap their heads around why representation is so important, and that as a culture, skateboarding has fallen short of being as welcoming and inclusive as it prides itself on being. Discussions on privilege are still often mischaracterized and misunderstood by those who hold it, but change doesn’t happen all at once.



(We try to make sure that the things we post are suitable for the younger people in our audience. The language in this video is harsh and ugly, but we believe it’s important that we can look at that ugliness directly and challenge ourselves and our peers to do better.)


Reposted from @lizziearmanto:

Female skateboarders are on the rise. Their ascension comes with an abundance of sexism and comments left on social media daily to bring them down. Rather than feed into the negativity, they rise above the noise. The comments in this video are all straight from prominent social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. These words represent the darkest side of skateboarding. As the saying goes, the darkest always comes before the light. We wanted to illuminate these grotesque comments with hopes of drawing attention to the issue. The skateboarding community is a vibrant collective of individuals with the capacity to eradicate such hate. Let us work together to rise up and support every skateboarder, no matter their gender, orientation, or race.

Happy to have been a part of this project w/ @samarriabrevard & @jennsoto @bythesmiths


Video & photo show at 98 Orchard Gallery in NYC on September 7th.


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