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Ash Bowl Bash 2019

Congrats to everyone who skated at the @ashbowlbash yesterday! This contest was exactly what skateboarding should be about, and we’re so stoked that we could contribute! Such a good vibe, and as one youth participant said, “it’s like a big family”—all ages, all abilities, and lots of support for everyone who gave it a shot!

We’re so proud of all the kids who entered, and so impressed with the way they encouraged and inspired each other. Also awesome to see the older guys and ladies modeling positive attitudes! Too many to name, but @the._giant and @poolpickle were right in there, taking the time to guide and encourage the little shredders! 👊🏽

We also want to congratulate Laura for once again taking 1st place in the women’s division! If you haven’t been keeping track, she also placed first last year, and the past two years at Hoedown at the Hoof!

It’s rare to meet someone who starts skating as an adult, consistently pushing themselves physically and mentally, and rising to the top of their game in a few short years. She’s nowhere near slowing down and it’s so exciting and inspiring to see her progress.

A common trait I’ve noticed with people who are dedicated to skateboarding is that their attitude is once of abundance, and Laura is no exception. Every time she skates, she’s cheering on friends and strangers alike. Whatever support she’s received, she gives it back to others and then some! Super proud to know such an awesome lady!

Big congrats to Frederique and Fay as well, for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes! You’re all awesome and such great examples for others to follow, whether they skate or not!


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