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Ash Bowl Bash 2021

This year’s Ash Bowl Bash was the best yet! With categories for all ages and skill levels, it was an amazing turnout with a lot of new people getting an opportunity to compete and become a part of the community (including a bunch of our Impact kids!)

We were beyond stoked to see everyone shredding their hardest, and especially inspired by the beginners who had the courage to get in there and give it a shot—this bowl is no joke!

There are way too many to list here, but big props to everyone who entered, especially the winners of each division: @fongmadison @travisjamesmcbain @chihirolaw @ohearn.pete @matthroch @coco___sk8 @marcricc and @pedro_cohen2!

Huge, extra special congrats to @fayskate who won not only her division (adult women, despite being 11 years old), but got the highest score out of anyone in the whole contest! Check the video below!

We love competitions like this because while there are winners and prizes and all that good stuff, everyone who enters is a champ and everyone is stoked for everyone else. Beautiful vibes and such positive energy from this incredible group of people!

We even saw a few street skaters take their first drop-ins and runs as the day wound down. The excitement and inspiration is contagious and it’s so rad to see more people exploring this side of skating!

A million thanks to @marcricc and everyone who helped to organize, sponsor, and support this event. So pumped for next year!

Until then, see you all at the bowl! 🦐


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