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Backyard Miniramp Sesh

Skating with friends is fun! Lots of sports and activities include peer support, but there’s something different about skateboarding. At a skate session, the successes and victories of others become our own in a way that is special and unique.

Whether someone is struggling or succeeding, our innate empathy is activated—we are present, invested, and fully in support of the people around us, regardless of how well we might know them. We all face the same challenges on a skateboard, and that’s all that matters in the moment.

This past weekend I had a chance to ride this awesome mini and hang out with some later skaters (@laterskatersgang). The battles are the same for everyone, but with adults, there’s another element of letting go, using this window of time to play and be creative.

Thanks for a rad afternoon, @shahfamilyskates! And thank you @cameralady_and @jonnytragic for capturing the spirit of the session so well, as always!


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