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Brockton Haunt

Made my first visit to Brockton Haunt to pick up a shop tee and ended up grabbing a new deck and a delicious cappuccino! Also had a chance to chat with Julie, the shop owner, and talk about some of our common goals.

Creating a welcoming, inclusive environment is central to what we believe about skateboarding, and this awesome space does exactly that. Whether it’s curious folks who just want to ask questions, people who are excited to finally try skateboarding, or those of us who have been skating for years, The Brockton Haunt bridges a gap that has made skate environments an intimidating place for some, and provides a kind of accessibility that we hope becomes more and more common.

Stoked to meet Julie and Ievy today, and stoked to share how rad this little spot is! If you’re in the west end, be sure to check it out!


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