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Care Kits for Yorktown Women's Shelter

For International Women’s Day, our Friday night advanced group took some time out of their free skate to assemble these beautiful care kits for women in residence at @yorktownfamilyservices.

Scarlett, a Yorktown board member, was with us to talk to the kids and shed some light on why gestures like this can be so meaningful. She shared that sometimes when women are forced to leave their home and stay at a shelter, they don’t have a chance to bring anything with them, which is why even basic supplies can go a long way. We all wrote cards to go with each package, to let these women know we are thinking about them, and that we care..

It was so heartwarming to see how enthusiastic all of our kids were about positively affecting the lives of others—people they’d never even met! Feeling grateful for this amazing group, and the amazing community that has been forming around Impact.


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