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Community Fridges Toronto

Took a little bit of time today to do some minor upgrades on @cf___to stations around the city.

In the short time I was visiting each location, more than a handful of people came by, both to drop off and pick up.

Understand this: there is a real need out there. People are struggling. The Dundas West location was doing pretty well today but the fridge at Westlake was looking sparse, and both fridge and pantry at Pape were pretty much bare.

PLEASE—if you’re able to make a contribution, do it! If it can be ongoing and regular, even better. A lot of us are blessed with the privilege of not worrying about the ability to feed ourselves and our families. But there are those who have to decide between groceries and rent, or worse.

If everyone who can chips in what they can, there’s enough for everyone. In a society as rich as ours, no one should have to go hungry. No child should have to go hungry.

See you out there 😷



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