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Custom Ramp Fundraiser

A lot of folks have been asking about building ramps and other skate obstacles for their driveways, backyards, etc. While I realize that’s not a possibility for everyone, it’s a great way to keep practicing for those who can—with appropriate physical distancing practices, of course!

For the next little while, we will be taking orders on ramps and obstacles for home use. We can customize them to your space/size/portability needs, and even do a contactless drop off!

The cost of these custom builds will typically fall between $150-450 for materials. We ask those who are able to please consider an additional donation to Impact in place of the cost of labour. 100% of revenue generated will go toward Impact Skateboard Club (nonprofit number 743163727)—there are currently no paid staff; these projects will be designed, built, and delivered by volunteers.


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