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Fall Session

Just wrapped up the first weekend of our Fall Session! For 8 weeks these kids are going to work on developing their skateboarding abilities, along with confidence-building, planning/goal-setting, communication/social skills, and healthy coping strategies. We’ve already had a whole bunch of them meet goals in one class that they never thought possible!

With 6 different classes and 120 participants, and with so many different types of learners, it’s LOT for kids to take on! But we make it through by taking everything one step at a time. It’s our job as instructors and leaders to help them use the lessons learned through skateboarding to grow as human beings, and have fun while doing it!

We’ve been blessed over the years to have an amazing crew of staff and volunteers to help create a positive skateboarding experience for as many kids as possible! This time is no different and we’re so grateful for them—big shoutout to @jakeborchenko, @soph.g._,, and @devan.711 for being part of the team 🙏🏽

Looking forward to working with this rad group of kids and staff over the next 2 months!


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