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Fay's Skateaversary

Today we celebrate @fayskate, who started skateboarding at our Saturday Morning Skate session on March 17, 2018. From that first day, she was hooked—her parents took her to @hammerskateboard right after the lesson and she has been skating ever since.

Some of you who follow us might already know about Fay, and it goes without saying that her tenacity and dedication, along with her natural talent, has brought her far over this past year. But what makes Fay special is her strength of character, her consideration for others, her sense of humor, and the kindness she shows to everyone, without exception.

In her short time skating, she has achieved so much, and risen up to her responsibilities as a role model. She is always thoughtful and cognizant of other boys and girls who look up to her—even in the midst of the frustration all skaters come up against.

Of course we are super proud of what Fay has accomplished with skateboarding, but far more important is how she feels about herself, and how she treats others. She’s always encouraging the people around her, and always eager to help where she can. And for that, we couldn’t be prouder.

Happy skateaversary, Fay!

And a big thank-you to @hellosugarto for the cupcakes that were beautiful and delicious!


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