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First Youth Council at the Spot

Just wrapped up our first Youth Council meeting at the new spot! Today we discussed our upcoming workshop series for neurodiverse youth in partnership with @hollandbloorview, and organized the donations we’ve received for our next @skateforchange initiative.

(Skate for Change is a nonprofit organization that empowers skaters to care for their community, with a heavy focus on serving and affirming the dignity of those experiencing poverty and homelessness. We put an emphasis on honoring those we help by ensuring we are giving with the right intention and heart.)

The council also offered up tons of ideas and suggestions for making our new space a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone belongs.

So amazing that these guys and girls are as excited as we are about making this a safe community for everybody, where all who walk through the door are cared for and treated with respect.

Thank you, Council, for making today amazing. So grateful to start this new chapter with you all!


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