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So excited to finally share with you all—a project started by our Youth Council after being inspired by the work of @cf___to!

This neighborhood pantry is now up and running at @sumachespresso (Sumach/Shuter Sts) at the south end of Regent Park.

Mutual aid is always important, but initiatives that help our food-insecure friends and neighbours is critical at this time. We hope you can all pitch in and of course, feel free to take what you need!

The box itself was built by from the Youth Council, with planning and upkeep by @thedukeofsackville and @hecklefeckle. Since we’re all skaters, we decided to make the pantry door out of broken and recycled @hammerskateboard shop decks!

If you’re not already following, head over to for more info. And huge thanks to @sumachespresso for hosting, and our beautiful friends @cobsdanforth for regular donations! 🌱✨


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