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In light of the recent death in our community, and World Mental Health Day (this Thursday), I just wanted to share a reminder that it’s okay to feel fear, grief, anxiety, confusion.

People, especially young people—especially boys—may feel the need to “have it all under control”, or at least appear to have it under control. But the truth is that everybody struggles with their feelings sometimes, even if they don’t reach out for help. No one wants to feel weak, and at times it can seem like we’re the only ones who have ever felt that way.

For much of my life I believed it was pointless to talk about my feelings and problems, if I didn’t think that talking would solve anything. It wasn’t til much later that I realized the point is not to make the problems or feelings disappear, but to work through them and connect with others who can relate—to help me understand I’m not alone. I’ve learned that sometimes just speaking aloud the fear, anxiety, shame, or whatever, takes away its weight.

We say this often but it bears repeating: if you are struggling in any way, please share it with someone safe. Identify who in your life you trust to be vulnerable with. You can always reach out to us—we are here to listen and will do what we can to help. If we can’t help, we will help you find resources who can. There is no judgement here. Know that your feelings are valid, and that you matter. ❤️


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