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Hijabi Ballers Sports Festival

Such a fun day for our second year at the @hijabiballers Sports Festival! We’re so honored that we were once again asked to join this incredible open event in support of Muslim women in sports! The festival featured tournaments, clinics, games, prizes, special guests... the list goes on.

We were scheduled to run 2 skate workshops, children and teens, but we ended up doing way more—after seeing the kids, tons of parents and other adults geared up and took an intro class as well!

So thankful for the Hijabi Ballers team, including all their volunteers and sponsors, for putting on this awesome event. Special thanks to @chmpuru for helping out with the lessons. MP @rob_oliphant had to head to the airport, but we’ll try to get him skating next time 😇

Can’t wait to do this again!


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