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King Magazine: All-Women's Issue

You might have seen that we posted a few Instagram stories about the new issue of @kingskatemag, featuring women exclusively. We’re stoked to see @nnieguglia on the cover, our friend @girvey with a full page photo (!), and so many others!


Now more than ever we’re seeing skate media highlight previously underrepresented people in skateboarding, and many of those groups having control over their own narrative (@skateism @unityskateboarding @xemskaters @theskatewitches). It has also been really encouraging to see more mainstream skate media stepping out and addressing discrimination and inequality to an audience that needs to hear about it, like King has just done (also seeing more of from folks like @sbcskateboardmag, @jenkemmag, and @stokemuch!).


And if you are someone who doesn’t understand the need for this, or perhaps feel hostility toward other people having a seat at the table, we encourage you to ask yourself where your privilege might be distorting your perspective. Assuming that there isn’t a problem just because you haven’t personally witnessed or participated in creating an unsafe/unwelcoming environment (side note: you have), is short-sighted and just lazy. If you want to understand, you will.


We’re grateful for all the change-makers and those who have the courage to step out and speak up. Thanks to the folks at King for making this issue, and for the thoughtful write-up in their latest post! See their statement below:


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