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Level Up!

We started using the level system for skateboard programs a couple of years ago and it’s been transformational (big thanks to our friends at @thebay_ for the awesome idea)!

Not only does it help us keep track of what everyone is working on, but it give the kids tangible goals at a time when they might not yet know all the cool things you can do on a skateboard.

Whenever we start a new session we make it very clear that these are guidelines, not requirements. It’s not about getting the next checkmark or making it to the next level, but honing your skills and having fun. It allows us to see that everyone has their strengths and their challenges.

In classes like ours, it’s the underlying life skills that are important. Skateboarding can be whatever we want it to be, but the tricks on these cards are a step-by-step way of developing our basic skateboarding ability so that we have the freedom to be creative and use skateboarding as a method of self-expression.

This same process is how we can master any skill or take on any challenge. You break it down to individual building blocks and take it one step at a time. That, combined with encouragement from your mentors and peers is what allows us to thrive!


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