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Port Union Community Event

Yesterday we travelled east to co-host the donation drive and skate clinic at Port Union Skatepark. The event benefitted residents of a local safe house for women and children, and featured lots of amazing community vendors, and a free skateboard clinic from Impact!

It was a gorgeous day, but bittersweet. Recently a young man in this community passed away tragically, and this event served as a memorial and celebration of his life. It was good to see so many young people connecting and processing their feelings together, but also heartbreaking to hear and feel their pain, especially from the young man’s family.

We are so grateful to Jodi Gear for organizing this event and ensuring that Evan was honored and celebrated. We’re thankful to the community who welcomed us and allowed us to participate in this beautiful event. Most of all, were inspired by the love and support this community gave to each other yesterday.

If you’re hanging on to a problem, please talk to someone. We’re always here to listen, and if it’s beyond our ability to help, we will help you find the resources you need.

Kids Help Phone (24 hours)

Call: 1-800-668-6868

Text: 686868

Live chat:

And another huge thank you to everyone who helped out!


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