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Saputiit Skate Plaza

Heck of a time at Saputiit Skate Plaza for our kids session! It was great hanging with these guys and girls, and seeing them interact with this incredible exhibit that @milkiglo has created.

We were able to give out some awesome prizes too, which is always fun. Everyone had a blast and got a chance to navigate this high-energy environment. Our emphasis here is that every skater, regardless of experience level, belongs in these spaces and is allowed to take up room to do what they love, while sharing and creating room for others.

Stoked on this session and the entire Fish Weir project! Looking forward to our teen/youth session tomorrow night!

Big thank-you to Mark, the folks at @nuitblancheto, all the kids/parents who came out, and @nnieguglia and our friends at @vanscanada for the rad giveaways!


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