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Skate Create Meditate

Such a great time today helping out with Skate Create Meditate, a new monthly program by the amazing people at!

“Offered by the Ubuntu Community Collective, a grassroots organization that serves single mothers of the African diaspora and their children. Skate Create Meditate is a new holistic recreation program that brings BIPOC representation to skateboarding.”

It was a blast hanging and skating with the kids and youth, and as is always the case with these pop-up lessons, so much determination and progress all around! On these new @ramp2rail obstacles—quarters, boxes, kicker, and spine—participants came ready to push their limits while they learned to ride and gain control of their boards in a park environment.

Super grateful to be included in this event, along with @devan.711@eskiim0tive@zomoskates@breeoda@20w50@ushappyfour and a bunch of other amazing folks!


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