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Skating for Change

As part of our @skateforchange initiative, Jordan and I spent some time downtown at a drop-in centre, distributing some of the donations we’ve collected at our past few events: clothes, gloves, socks, accessories, snacks, Gatorade, personal care supplies, and stationary.

When we set up, there was a ton of stuff and I thought we might end up with some left over, but I was reminded again how great the need is in this city, any day, any time of year. Most of us in the Impact community are blessed to have our basic needs accounted for, but there are so many people out there who do not.

Jordan and I were, of course, honored to have a chance to serve for even just a couple of hours, but this isn’t about giving “stuff”—it’s about sharing smiles, engaging, developing relationships, and affirming dignity. There are no prerequisites for showing kindness and decency to people, though as a society, we have a long way to go toward truly walking that out.

I’m grateful for the time we spent today getting to know our new friends, and for the fact that I’ve been given so much, through no doing of my own. It’s our responsibility to give back in whatever way we can, and we thank all of you who donated for your important role in making today happen.

A big thank-you also goes to @sunshinepartyandtentrentals for generously lending us equipment to set up our little free market!


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