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Spring Cleaning: Skateboard Maintenance Workshop

It’s always so heartwarming to see this community come together to learn and to help others.

Part skateboard workshop for all ages, part clothing donation drive for @kennedyhouseyouthshelter, this event taught the basics of how to maintain a skateboard, as well as the different ways we can help those experiencing homelessness. The kids learned about homelessness, how it happens, and ways we can help. Then they had an in-depth workshop all about the parts of their skateboards, and how to adjust and replace them.

We collected donations of gently used winter jackets, boots, accessories, as well as all-season clothes. Everyone got a free Impact skate tool, and we raffled off some amazing prizes, including some Impact gear, swag from Vans, and gift certificates from Hammer Skateboard!

Happy to report that collected so many clothing items for our friends at @kennedyhouseyouthshelter over the past two weeks, and a TON more at the event!

We owe huge thanks to our volunteers, sponsors, and of course, all of you who showed up and contributed to the donation drive! Special thanks to @loladreweryphotography for the rad photos!


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