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Stoke Much Magazine Interview

Beyond honored to be included in this excellent article/interview series by Zach Moldof from Stoke Much!

Super grateful to Zach for asking me to participate, and all the other people who were interviewed.


Everyone should take a few minutes and check this out. Also read Part 1, where Zach succinctly lays down where we are as a culture, and how we got here. If you love skating and care about where we’re headed, do yourself a favor and read all of it.


”An activity like [skateboarding] is fertile ground for building community, for nurturing empathy, for embracing diversity. Everything outside that is stuff we’ve attached to it. In that way, skateboarding has not really deviated—there are waves of cool clothes, cool music, cool tricks, but it all boils down to that same thing: our body and a skateboard. The trends will come and go as they always have—what stays unchanged is the fascination and determination that practices standing ollies on the sidewalk over and over, persisting even though it seems like no progress is being made. And I love that about skateboarding. The rest is of no real consequence”.



From Stoke Much :

Past & Present (part 2 of 2) up on our site now, coming to applenews Monday.


10 people from different eras/communities of skateboarding answering the same questions. I think the results speak for themselves. I learned from these people in the course of creating this article. Any of yall learn/realize something unexpected from this collection of interviews?












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