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Summer Camp Round-Up

This has been an absolutely incredible 9 weeks of summer camp! By time July hit, camp was at full capacity with a waiting list that kept on growing as the summer went on. We got lots of new kids started on their skateboarding journeys, as well as a bunch of regulars that were with us through the whole summer!

We always strive to eliminate financial barriers for kids who want to participate in our programs, so we offered scholarships to families who would otherwise be unable to afford summer camp programming for their child.

Along with k-grinds and kickflips, kids learned about developing an authentic sense of self, being part of a welcoming and inclusive community, and giving back to others. They took pride in their groups (weekly team names and videos) and also in the parks we skate at. They learned about solving conflict with compromise, fairness, and empathy.

Mostly they learned that being a good skater is more than riding a skateboard, it’s about caring for others while pushing your limits to become your best self (and how those skills are highly transferable)! So proud and so grateful for our campers, their families, our volunteers, the staff team, and our wonderful community partners!


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