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Sushi-Making Workshop

Yesterday’s Youth Council meeting was a blast! We started with a sushi-making workshop, led by the amazingly talented @hanae_skates! A couple of members just joined this month, and it was so great to have this opportunity to get to know our new friends!

After laughing ourselves silly and filling up on sushi, we talked about plans for upcoming workshops that will be open to all youth, and how we can develop more programming that will support and empower young people, based on Impact’s core values.

We believe any service organization should have a way of including the voices of those being served in steering the direction of that organization. Having an active Youth Council is one way we hear from those we are working with, and take to heart what they want and need from us.

The group also had a discussion on racism, sexism, and homophobia in their own social lives. It was so great to hear them share their thoughts and experiences on how to be better, more effective, more understanding allies.

There’s a TON happening in the coming weeks and months—can’t wait to share it with you all!

Thanks to the crew who came out, and thanks again to @hanae_skates!


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