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(Virtual) Ash Bowl Bash

Stopped by the Law residence to watch the Ash Bowl Bash with these crazy boys! Loved the entire thing, especially their reactions to their wins, and the wins of their friends.

This is an awesome event every year and this year was no exception. The Bowl Bash is a truly inclusive event where everyone is not only given a shot, but actively invited and welcomed by a warm and caring community.

Despite having the event online, over 50 people of all ages participated and entered the contest, which was supported by an incredible crew of volunteers and sponsors!

Being stoked for your homies is what makes skateboarding so great and it was awesome to see so much of that today. Lots of love to Marc, Jeff, the Shahs, Park People, and everyone else that made today such a fun time for everyone! And big congrats to all the participants! You all rock!


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