Youth Council: Year-End Gratitude Meeting

Such a good meeting tonight! The council got together for the last time this year and had a chance to share what they were thankful for over the past 12 months, as well as their plans for the upcoming year.


Everyone recognized how fortunate and grateful we are for all that we have, and for this community. As for the future, we learned about setting SMART goals, and planning ahead to accomplish what we want in life. A method for achieving success is something that I learned only as an adult, so it was amazing to see that these young people are already taking the steps necessary to achieve their goals and dream even bigger dreams!


The group also watched the documentary @missrepresentation, which talks about the role of society (specifically media) in undermining and under-representing women in positions of power and influence, and what we can do about it.


Most girls know all too well about the unrealistic and contradictory expectations placed on them from childhood, but having boys learn about and discuss everyday sexism is a powerful way of shifting perspectives and encouraging them to be co-laborers in the fight for equality. There’s so much more to unpack, but the council was off to a strong start tonight, and it will be awesome to hear how they implement what they learned.


Thanks to our friends at Oak Park Deli for the amazing catered meal, and extra big thanks to all of you who came out! See you in 2020!


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photography by Rebecca Tisdelle-Macias