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Youth-Led Art Workshop: Tie Dye

With only 30 spots available, our first youth-led art event filled up fast, and it was SO MUCH FUN! Avnee is 9 years old, and she ran this tie dye workshop like a pro—she was super organized, engaging, and effective.

It was awesome to see Avnee teaching kids of all ages the techniques to make beautiful tie dye shirts, but even more incredible was seeing her confidently lead her peers (and some adults) with clear instructions, making the whole process interesting, entertaining, and fun!

We also collected a ton of donations for our next @skateforchange outreach, where we’ll head out and distribute the items to people experiencing homelessness. Along with having a great afternoon, the kids learned that we can help others in many ways. It’s not just about giving people “stuff”, but affirming the dignity of people who are marginalized by much of society—letting them know that we care, and that they matter to us.

We’re so proud of Avnee and so grateful for her family for making this event a huge success! Another big thanks goes to @thetelma for taking these photos, and to everyone who came out, participated, and helped!


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