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Youth Voices: An Interactive Workshop

The Youth Voices event this past Sunday with Dobijoki was amazing. We had a brilliant group of young adults get together and learn what it means to know who you are.

We identified and shared things we like about ourselves, as well as parts of ourselves that we’d like to improve. Dobijoki led the group to take those insecurities and the self-doubt we all feel, and turn it into constructive, positive, self-affirming statements which we then shared with each other.

After shining a light on the thoughts and opinions we have about ourselves, we had an opportunity to express it all visually. I think this was the most powerful part of the workshop. It was so inspiring to hear the group share what their expression meant to them, and how cathartic it is to identify and name the constant chatter that goes on in our minds.

So grateful for our facilitator and everyone who came out and participated! Thank you all for being part of this incredible event!


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