Impact lesson programs will be running outdoors this year, while strictly adhering to guidelines from Province of Ontario.  Since the summer of 2020, we have implemened additional measures to ensure a safe environment for participants, volunteers, and staff. We will keep this page updated with any new information or changes, as mandated by Ontario Public Health. The safety of our community is our primary focus, and we will always be honest and transparent about what we’re dealing with.

The Latest


As we move ahead with spring and summer sessions of Impact programming, we will keep this space up-to-date with policies and protocols.

Spring Session

•  Program capacity – Spring programs will host 8 participants and 2 instructors per class, in order to adhere to the 10-person limit for outdoor gatherings in Toronto. Limits are subject to change, and we will adapt accordingly.


•  Masks/face-coverings – All participants and instructors will wear masks covering the nose and mouth during programs.

•  Verbal screening – Before each class begins, participants will be verbally screened. If your child or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms associated with Covid, please stay home!

•  Sharing of equipment – Rental equipment will be sanitized between each class. We strongly urge all participants to use their own safety gear and skateboards, wherever possible.

•  Hand washing and sanitizing protocols – We require that all staff and participants carry their own hand sanitizer and use it before classes, and anytime hand-contact is made with a potentially contaminated surface.

•  "Hands-off" approach to instruction – Impact staff will not be providing physical support to participants. Pre-pandemic, supporting participants by hand-holding or helping to adjust posture was a regular part of instruction, but in the interest of everyone's safety, only verbal instructions will be given, along with demonstrations. Please consider whether this will suit your child's age and temperament.

As we have seen throughout the pandemic, the rules change as the situation changes. We will are committed to prioritizing the health and wellbeing of participants, volunteers, and staff, and ensuring everyone has an awesome experience, in spite of the circumstances!

Please reach out if you have any questions!