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"Buddy Bench" and California Roadtrip

Today we went on the road, from Encinitas to Mammoth, California, to give a skate assembly about kindness, passion, and safety. I was honored to talk to the kids of Mammoth Elementary about friendship, trust, boundaries, and living authentically. We also got to put on a skate demo AND ollie over their principal!

Along with @thekelsays @jordice_french @militant_23 @nealmims and @sketchymike____ @baby_ocelott from @wave_rave, we showed these kids what an awesome community skateboarding can be. But best of all, Calli Kelsay and Amanda Castillo built this incredible Buddy Bench made of skateboards and wood from an old miniramp!

The Buddy Bench will stay at the school, and be a place for anyone to sit when they feel lonely, left out, or upset. The students all understand that when you see someone sitting on the bench, you can sit with them and say hi, give them a chance to talk, or ask them to play. It was so gratifying to see kids using the bench even as we were loading up the ramps at the end of the assembly!

Massive thanks to everyone who made this event happen! Lisa and the parent council from Mammoth Elementary were amazing hosts, making sure we had everything we needed and more (including a wicked bike ride around Mammoth Lakes)! Thanks also to @footloosesports, @wave_rave, and the staff and students at Mammoth Elementary!


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