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Care Kits

Over the past couple of weeks, the Impact Youth Council has been putting together care packages and writing cards for our brothers and sisters who are experiencing homelessness. This year has brought a lot of challenges for so many people, and we’re once again reminded to be mindful of what we often take for granted.

At our last council meeting on Sunday, we talked about the action of gratitude, and what these gestures mean, both in the context of the support kits and in our day-to-day life. A small act of kindness can be so meaningful when it comes at the right time, and we never know when that might be.

The group also talked about how helping and giving affects us. People can sometimes do the right thing for the wrong reasons, so when talking to others about our actions or posting on social media, it’s crucial to reflect on our motivations. Is it to make ourselves feel better? Does it come from guilt? Or the desire to be seen by others as a “good person”?

These are deep questions that we need to ask ourselves frequently, as individuals and a group. I am thankful to have inspiration from folks like @lovebeyondwalls, who demonstrate care for others from a place of love and true fellowship. Their example models for others our duty to share what we’ve been given, and at the same time learn more about ourselves. By having these discussions, we foster greater compassion and mature in our own sense of self.

Grateful as ever for these young people and the opportunity to walk with them as they engage with the world and themselves. It’s fine to talk about social justice, but by walking it out we gain deeper understanding of how we are all connected, and how every person is worthy of respect, kindness, and dignity ❤️

(Big thanks to @vanscanada for helping out with the bags and wallets!)


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