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Indoor Programs at Dixon Hall

Our first session at the new indoor spot was rad! We had 3 groups of kids, starting each class with a discussion on respect and community. Hearing them speak on what respect means to them was magical, and every group zeroed in on the fact that having respect for others means respecting yourself, too!

Lots of awesome shredding went down, as usual, and everyone made a plan: setting goals, figuring out the steps to get there, and measuring progress along the way; every attempt is a learning experience, getting us closer to the goal. It was inspiring to see everyone up to the challenge, ready to see it through. Skateboarding is awesome!

Also want to thank our incredible team—these guys and girls are what make Impact such a welcoming environment where every child can thrive! @kalen.d.c @nickyyoungphoto @ri_guy_the_skater @nathan.diniro


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