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Last Day of Spring Session

That's a wrap for our Spring Session! Had a productive and fun 8 weeks with over 120 participants shredding their way into the summer!

The spring weekend program is our favourite because it's a path for new skaters to learn the basics of board control going into the summer where they can ride everywhere, all the time! More experienced riders honed their skills by drilling their pop, refining their tech, and going bigger and faster! The way to become a better skater is just riding your skateboard as much and as often as possible. Coming up on camp season, that's exactly what these kids plan to do, and that makes us happy!

But for us, the best part is learning to roll with the ups and downs, victories and failures, which equips young people with the skills to regulate their emotions and make friends with adversity. We hope that everyone who joined us continues to practice their new skills on and off their boards! 🤙🏽

Big props to the best staff and volunteer crew: @aidan.blance @harrison.pickernell @xavierxtm @finn.stinson @andrewlospinuso @chiharu_law! Appreciate each one of you so much!


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