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Meeting Trey Wood

K joined skate camp last week and was instantly at home. He has a passion for, and extensive knowledge of skateboarding history and competitions. He was talking about the @xgames, @vansparkseries, @mitchiebrusco84, @tomschaar, and @treywood nonstop.

I mentioned that there might be a chance to meet Trey at the @ashbowlbashtoday, and he was over the moon! When K arrived, he was speechless (well, for the first few seconds, anyway), but what was really incredible was how Trey took the time to chat with K, answered his questions, even introduced him to @tomschaar over FaceTime!

At the risk of overdoing it, I just wanted to share that I was seriously blown away by how humble and gracious this young man was. It filled my heart to see the way he genuinely gave his time and attention to K. Thanks so much @treywood, for making K’s day, and mine 🙏🏽✨


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