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Oasis Session 2020

After a couple of months away, we resumed our monthly Oasis session. If you don’t know, @oasisskateboardfactory is a Toronto alternative high school that approaches the curriculum with a focus on skateboarding, entrepreneurship, and real-world assignments.

Craig and Lauren are at the helm, and do an incredible job helping these young people develop valuable skills that are highly transferable, and will serve them well beyond the world of formal education. More than that, they are engaging, creative, and deeply invested in every student.

All of the Oasis students I’ve spoken to realize how amazing this opportunity is; they’re engaged and take on assignments as personal projects, deserving of their best efforts.

We’re always so stoked to host this session, skating and hearing about all the awesome work they have going on. And when talking to the students as a group and individually, we’re able to get valuable insight into where we can better meet the needs of young people.

Super grateful to Craig and Lauren, the students, and the entire OSF crew!


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