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Pushing Against Racism

As members of the global skateboarding community, we have come together to make a collective commitment to actively resist and challenge systemic racism in our own scenes, organizations, the skateboard industry, and wider society.

The ‘Commitment to Anti-Racism in Skateboarding’ is an idea led by the Goodpush Alliance, together with members from a dozen social skateboarding organizations worldwide.

The goals of the Commitment to Anti-Racism in Skateboarding are to:

Help keep the BLM and Anti-Asian Hate momentum going and keep anti-racism action on the agenda.

Encourage skate companies, media, social skate projects, pros, national skate federations, and individual skaters to agree to challenge the systemic racism that exists in the skate community and wider society.

Some people feel that skateboarding and the skate community don’t have problems with racism, or that talking about racism is somehow worse than racism itself. To those people, we suggest putting your assumptions aside and listening to those who are affected by racism.

If you want to help to be part of the solution, read the Commitment and sign on if you feel moved to!


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